Catalyst Testing

For the discovery and optimization of catalysts, we carry out catalyst testing projects, for example by screening the activity, selectivity, or deactivation behavior of catalysts. The catalytic materials are provided either by our customers or synthesized in our own state-of-the-art synthesis laboratories. We deliver testing data and their evaluation, while the catalyst and process IP stays with our customers.

During a typical screening project, anything from a few dozen up to several hundred materials can be tested in our 16- to 48-fold reactor systems. We apply various reaction conditions, including different pressures, temperatures, reagents, and flow rates. Project durations can vary from just a few weeks up to several months.

We carry out catalyst testing on our validated high throughput technology including continuous flow reactor systems as well as batch reactor systems. These systems are proven under industrially relevant conditions, and they cover fixed-bed, trickle-bed, and liquid-phase applications.  

Applying the High Throughput approach results in a faster and more cost-efficient lead identification and optimization of catalyst materials.

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