Research & Development Solutions (RDS)

In R&D collaborations, we develop and optimize novel materials and processes on behalf of our customers in our facilities in Heidelberg. We cover all phases of the catalyst development process from idea generation, through catalyst testing and optimization, up to scale-up and catalyst production support. Customers gain access to our technology, know-how, and the necessary resources for the execution of short- or long-term research projects as and when needed.

We help our customers to bring their innovation faster to market, providing R&D services for the following research tasks:

Our customers benefit from:

  • Access to the latest high throughput technology, methodology, and knowledge
  • Highly qualified and experienced experts in chemistry, engineering, and software
  • Purpose-built laboratory environment and infrastructure with auxiliary technology and services (catalyst synthesis, reactor loading, analytics, software)
  • On-site support around the clock
  • All process and material intellectual propriertary rights remain with the customer.