Energy & Refining

The energy and refinery sector deals with a number of great challenges, from tapping of new energy sources and adhering to environmental regulations to utilizing unconventional raw materials including heavy crude oils and their complex processing. We support companies from the energy and oil industry in the research and development of catalytic processes for a more efficient utilization of raw materials in the manufacturing of clean fuels; we actually accelerate their R&D.

We test various industrial processes:

  • Hydrotreating (HDS, HDN, HDA, HDO, HDM, ULSD)
  • Hydrocracking
  • Mild Hydrocracking
  • Hydroisomerization
  • Naphtha Reforming
  • Residue Upgrading 
  • FCC
  • others
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Redefining FCC Catalyst Testing: Addressing market challenges by redefining FCC catalyst testing.