hte's high throughput laboratories

High Throughput Laboratories

The heart of the company. hte has the world's largest high throughput laboratory for catalysis R&D. In Heidelberg we operate over 50 systems for catalyst testing and development. This is where we conduct experiments from customer projects and validate systems before they get delivered – chemically and physically. hte offers the broadest range of technologies and applications: in chemicals and petrochemicals, in the energy and refinery sector, and in environmental catalysis.

Synthesis Laboratory

Our synthesis team has many years of experience in a wide range of catalyst synthesis processes. They know what effect formulation and preparation have on the properties of catalysts. More than 35,000 samples are produced per year, more than 16,000 samples prepared for testing.

Laboratory for Reactor Loading

This team's work is what enables the catalysts to be tested at all. They load the reactor and remove the catalysts again. They take care of cleaning, maintenance, and quality control. The smallest changes in filling can have major impacts on the test result. Reactors for more than 50 high throughput systems are filled here; there are over 70 different reactor properties that need to be taken into account. All activity in the world's largest laboratory for reactor loading is completely digitally recorded and is integrated into our myhte™ software solution. 

Analytics Laboratory

Making science visible. Our analytics team manages the huge number of samples from catalyst tests and provides reliable results from online and offline analyses. On a next-day delivery basis, this team characterizes gases, fluids, and solids in a broad field of parameters. They use the latest chemical and physical methods of analysis and further develop them for our customers.


All steps of the catalyst testing workflow are supported and enabled by our software solutions – from experiment planning, through synthesis, to reactor filling, testing, and analytics. hteControl™ is a dedicated process control suite for the systems, myhte™ generates and manages vast amounts of data. This creates a fully digitalized workflow. The time saved in data evaluation is immense. This combination of technology and software integration makes our solutions unique.