Independent Catalyst Testing

As an independent service provider, we test and benchmark commercial refining catalysts for our customers. Instead of relying only on paper studies, refineries can test catalysts side by side using our advanced parallel reactor systems to select the best catalyst for their process – considering activity, selectivity, product quality, H2 consumption, and catalyst stability.

Your benefits

  • Reduced time and costs per experiment by using our advanced parallel reactor systems (up to 16 reactors)
  • Catalyst testing under industrial conditions
  • Test real-size extrudates in both small and larger scale reactors
  • Proven expertise in handling and processing of heavy feedstocks such as atmospheric residue and DAO
  • Highest data quality
  • Detailed analysis of products
  • Safe and independent catalyst testing
  • Reduced feedstock requirement
  • State-of-the-art lab facilities in Germany
  • Several years of consulting and experience working for refineries worldwide
  • Leading provider of High Throughput technology

How we work

Independent catalyst testing

The commercial refining catalysts and real feedstock are provided by the refinery or catalyst supplier. hte tests in advanced parallel high throughput reactor systems and delivers results including detailed analysis of the products.

Areas of expertise

Benchmark catalyst tests for many refining processes, e.g.:

  • Hydrotreating (HDS, HDN, HDA, HDO, HDM, ULSD)
  • (Mild) Hydrocracking
  • Resid hydroprocessing
  • Dewaxing
  • Catalytic naphtha reforming
  • Isomerization
  • Biofeedstock conversion / biofuels
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