Technology Solutions

As a technology provider we design, construct, and implement high throughput and bench scale systems in research laboratories worldwide. Our reactor systems include auxiliary laboratory equipment which help our customers to build up inhouse high throughput workflows.

Our high throughput technology platform is validated under industrially relevant conditions in our own state-of-the-art laboratories to guarantee optimal results. We have many different reactor systems available, ranging from catalyst screening to process development. All systems are robust and reliable in long-term 24/7 operation. They can be accompanied by highly productive and automated catalyst synthesis, analytical tools, and software solutions to facilitate meaningful and relevant results.

Benefits of hte's high thoughput systems

  • Reliable reactor systems with outstanding performance and efficiency
  • Latest technology with integrated analytics delivering high data quality and accuracy
  • Modularized technology offering flexible design and easy maintenance
  • Integrated software solutions for running experiments and evaluating data
  • The highest quality standards, guaranteeing user safety and system integrity
  • Full and extensive training for independent operation, which can be provided both in our state-of-the-art laboratories in Heidelberg and at the customer's site
  • Worldwide, fast, and personal customer service with 24-hours availability