hte still up and running despite corona outbreak

Digital and organizational measures to cut potential corona infection chains

HEIDELBERG, Germany [March 19, 2020]

The Corona (Covid-19) outbreak poses the greatest challenges to all of us worldwide, affecting both our private and working spheres. The most important thing is that all our employees and their families stay healthy in this situation. At hte we will do everything necessary to ensure this. 

The German authorities have taken drastic measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. While these coercive measures limit social contacts in our daily lives, they are also designed to impair as little as possible commercial and industrial activities. 

hte strives to minimize any disruptive effects on our operations and to complete all customer projects. Our teams responsible for the lab operation and manufacturing are continuing their work. We have implemented organizational changes, such as working in shift operation to maintain the minimum required distance between all staff members. Our Lab 4.0 approach allows the remote, hence safe, monitoring of essential unit operations in many cases. Wherever possible, our employees are strongly encouraged to work from home. In order to maintain our communication and interaction with you, hte provides online communication channels, such as web conferencing technologies.

We will keep you updated. Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us

We are looking forward to keeping up the good dialog on all levels.   

Keep safe and stay healthy!