Generating Data

hteControl™ is the system and process control suite that provides you with reliable data acquisition for each experiment. It allows you to control each test rig aspect intuitively and gain access to fast and easy system diagnostics in stable 24/7 operation.


  • Fully automated experiment control to ensure 24/7 operation
  • Flexible sequence control for experiments including intuitive graphical flow diagrams editor via drag-and-drop
  • Recording and graphical representation of process values
  • Acquisition, structuring, and connection of experiment-specific data incorporating online analytics (e.g. GCs) and offline sampling
  • State-of-the-art data storage, connectivity, and data export
  • Robust safety functionalities
  • Flow chart visualization, monitoring, and diagnosis functionality


  • Maximum flexibility: hteControl™ can be used for every reactor system and is compatible with other software solutions.
  • The job editor provides the user with an easy-to-understand and flexible concept for setting up customized experiment processes. No programming knowledge is necessary for automating experiments.
  • Flexibly adaptable: Virtually every special requirement can be implemented as a separate module and integrated in the job editor.
  • Convenient trend charting: Easy access to current and historical trends, any number of measurement data can be displayed graphically.
  • Elegant and reliable GC control including import of the measurement results into the database and logical connection with process data. 
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