Reactor Loading

Reactor loading represents the interface between catalyst production and testing.
It is an interdisciplinary field that combines mechanical, chemical, and administrative aspects. The entire process cycle is covered at hte: from loading and removal of the catalysts in the reactors, through cleaning and quality control, up to maintenance of the reactors. 

Our experts employ dedicated methods that facilitate the greatest reproducibility and lead to high data quality. All data is automatically captured and saved.


Preparation of reactor loading

  • Development of customized loading procedures, incl. packing tests
  • Shaping, fractionizing, and automated sorting of extrudates
  • Determination of essential parameters, e.g. bulk densities, LOI, etc.
Reactor loading and dismantling

  • Reactor loading, catalyst treatment, and reactor design
  • State-of-the-art reactor loading methods for multiple stacked and mixed zones
  • Partial- and semi-automated loading and packing of reactors
  • Quality control of loaded reactors, i.e. pressure drop analysis

capabilities of the R&D services offered by hte for reactor loading
Data Management

  • Fully integrated data management within hte’s catalyst testing workflow
  • Photo documentation
  • On-demand X-ray analysis of loaded reactor

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