Zeopore selected hte

Zeopore selected hte for testing mesoporized zeolite samples in catalytic diesel dewaxing


hte – the high throughput experimentation company has been selected by Zeopore Technologies for testing different mesoporized zeolite catalysts under various process conditions. Zeopore has developed a broad platform of zeolite modification processes that enhance the activity, selectivity, and lifetime of zeolite catalytic materials. The test has shown that the samples allow greater improvements in cold flow properties and substantially higher diesel yields than their parent microporous materials.

Zeopore chose hte for the impregnation and testing of different mesoporized zeolite materials in the isomerization reaction of diesel in a parallel 16-fold high throughput system under several industrially relevant operating conditions. hte’s most advanced high throughput hydroprocessing technology allows maximum operational flexibility and data precision embedded in a fully digitalized workflow. Using high throughput technology enabled hte and Zeopore to compare different catalysts in parallel, demonstrating that the mesoporous materials favor hydro-isomerization over hydrocracking reactions.

Kurt Du Mong, CEO of Zeopore Technologies, explains, "Zeopore has developed a unique mesoporization toolbox to cost-effectively generate more performant zeolites with custom-made properties. With the excellent support of hte, we are proud to have demonstrated the catalytic and economic value proposition in the highly relevant dewaxing application under industrial conditions. Currently, we are negotiating with selected catalyst manufacturers to bring this innovative dewaxing technology to market. We look forward to commercializing our mesoporization technology further across a range of applications."

Wolfram Stichert, CEO of hte, comments, “We are delighted that Zeopore selected hte to support its research on mesoporized zeolites, which promise superior performance in catalytic diesel dewaxing. We look forward to supporting Zeopore in future investigations into the application of mesoporized zeolites in other catalytic industrial processes.”

About Zeopore Technologies NV
Zeopore targets global leadership in developing and commercializing mesoporous zeolite catalysts for refining, petrochemistry, biomass conversion and plastics recycling. Next to a larger output of desired products, Zeopore's technology platform leads to higher product quality, lower energy use, and less waste for several catalytic processes. Our technologies are applicable to any commercially relevant zeolite, broadly tunable to desired zeolitic properties, retain intrinsic zeolitic properties, and increase the process economics and scalability. As a technology development company, Zeopore focuses on collaborations (license or product supply agreements) with innovative catalyst suppliers around the world. For more info, please visit www.zeopore.com.

About hte
At hte – the high throughput experimentation company, we make R&D in the area of catalysis faster and more productive. We enable cost-effective innovations and reduced time-to-market for new products, thereby allowing our customers in the energy & refining, chemical & petrochemical, and environmental industries to keep ahead of the competition.

Our technology and services comprise:

  • R&D Solutions: highly efficient contract research programs at hte’s state-of-the-art laboratories in Heidelberg, German
  • Technology Solutions: integrated hardware and software solutions, enabling our customers to establish high throughput workflows in their own laboratories.

Our customers benefit from broad technical and scientific expertise, exceptional customer orientation, complete end-to-end solutions, and outstanding data quality. Our close ties with BASF guarantee long-term orientation and stability.

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