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Accelerated R&D for Novel and Clean Fuels

Companies in the energy and refining sectors are facing an ever increasing number of challenges which are becoming more and more complex. Every effort is being made to diversify the sources of energy and the supply of raw materials whilst still adhering to stringent environmental legislations.

For the mobilization of non-conventional resources, heavy crude oil, oil sands and oil shale are becoming more frequently used. However, large quantities of impurities, such as sulphur and nitrogen must be removed from these products and the amount of heavy hydrocarbons that need to be processed is also greater. 

Gas-to-Liquid and Coal-to-Liquid (GTL) technologies are also becoming increasingly more important in order to make use of available natural gas and coal as liquefied fuel and the use of bio-oil has also seen a significant rise.


hte offers R&D solutions in all relevant areas of catalyst and process research, including:

  • Syngas chemistry
  • Syngas production
  • Fischer-Tropsch
  • GTX
  • Alternative fuels
  • Steam-, Dry-, Tri-reforming
  • HDS/ HDN
  • Hydrocracking
  • Naphtha reforming

The solution to these challenges in many cases lies in the investment in new chemical processes, the optimization of existing processes or improving sustainability. The key to this is in new catalyst development or the optimization of existing catalysts and catalyzed processes. In order to increase the chances of groundbreaking new catalyst discoveries and to develop or improve new and existing processes, the experimental research must be expanded. By broadening the experimental research, development times and costs are typically increased.

hte is a leading provider of high throughput catalyst and process R&D services and technology. This allows significantly increased experimental capacity without the subsequent increase in time and costs.


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