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Accelerating R&D for Environmental Catalysis

As the level of environmental awareness grows, the importance of emission control catalysts also increases. This applies to both stationary exhaust catalysts as well as mobile exhaust catalysts.

Raw materials for exhaust gas catalysts, such as platinum group metals (PGM), are expensive and supplies are rapidly running short. Expensive precious metals can often be substituted with cheaper, more sustainable raw materials making them more cost-efficient to use. Therefore, there is a growing need for new catalysts to be developed. There is also an increasing demand for the development of high-performance catalysts which conform to strict environmental regulations, as well as storage catalysts for lean-burn engines to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx), catalysts with improved low-temperature activity and catalysts or filters for the removal of soot particles.


Through our proprietary technology platform and our expert know-how hte supports clients in their research projects including projects in the following fields:

  • TWC
  • DOC
  • Lean NOx Trap
  • NH3-SCR
  • HC-SCR
  • Soot Combustion
  • Stationary SCR

The solution to these catalyst development and optimization challenges lies in the ability to test large numbers of catalysts under multiple process parameters. In order to do this in a faster and more cost-efficient way, hte offers clients high throughput experimentation technology and methodologies which allows for the increase in experimental capacity without subsequently increasing time and costs.


Technology Solutions

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