Webinar redefining FCC catalyst testing

Addressing market challenges by redefining FCC catalyst testing

How hte's micro downflow unit (MDU) featuring a fully digitalized workflow generates industry-relevant test results, supports refineries, and helps engineering companies and catalyst suppliers overcome the challenges in FCC catalyst testing.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) remains one of the most important conversion processes in refining, widely used to convert crude oil fractions into value-added products. The current volatile international situation (pandemic, geopolitical issues and supply chain disruptions) has a dramatic and direct impact on refining activities. There has never been a more pressing matter on the agenda of refineries than profit maximization. An effective strategy for a refinery to implement is to shift its raw material base towards renewable feedstocks and its product slate towards petrochemical intermediates such as olefins and aromatics.

IN OUR WEBINAR ON-DEMAND, you gain insights into

  • FCC laboratory testing under relevant process conditions with results consistent with CRU data at a fraction of the cost
  • thorough investigation of experimental parameter space and outstanding data generation without compromises on data quality
  • how the Micro Downflow Unit (MDU) enables testing of classical FCC applications such as VGO, bottoms of the barrel and resid and optimizes petrochemicals production
  • how the MDU addresses challenges of unconventional feedstocks such as (crude oil-to-chemicals, COTC), light feed conversion or co-feeding of novel, sustainable feedstocks from circular economy and renewable sources
  • how hte simulates equilibrium catalysts (eCats) via catalyst deactivation on a laboratory scale
  • how kinetic modelling supports experiments and integrated digital workflow solutions manage to process, visualize, and re-analyze all test data 

Marius Kirchmann, Simon Wodarz and Jean-Claude Adelbrecht explain why the Micro Downflow Unit (MDU) is the perfect match to test catalysts and feeds for your FCC operation at ideal plug flow conditions in an entrained flow reactor. The MDU enables testing of classical FCC applications such as VGO, bottoms of the barrel or resid. It also addresses challenges of unconventional feedstocks such as crude oil-to-chemicals, light feed conversion or co-feeding of novel, sustainable feedstocks from circular economy and renewable sources.
We will guide you through the workflow from the design of experiments to advanced product analyses and visualization/interpolation of product yields as a function of catalyst to oil ratio, conversion, and coke as well as kinetic modeling. Several customer case studies illustrate how hte's MDU fitted with a fully digitalized workflow manages to process, visualize, and analyze all test data and generates industry-relevant test results and can help you to meet pressing market challenges by conventional and unconventional FCC catalyst testing and technical service support.


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