Publication: Unlocking high-pressure ammonia cracking

Unlocking high-pressure ammonia cracking

Authors: Benjamin Mutz and Robert Baumgarten 

Decarbonisation Technology, 2024

Ammonia is a promising solution for long-distance and carbon-free storage and transportation of hydrogen. However, the decomposition of NH3 into hydrogen and nitrogen is energy-intensive, especially at elevated pressures. This paper presents a high throughput approach to accelerate catalyst screening and process optimization for NH3 cracking. A 16-fold parallel fixed-bed reactor setup with was upgraded toward NH3 processing. Validation was conducted using an in-house Fe-based catalyst, demonstrating the unit's capabilities and enabling the generation of kinetic data sets. This innovative approach not only accelerates catalyst assessment but also contributes to energy-efficient NH3 cracking processes for hydrogen production. High throughput technology enables rapid testing of diverse catalysts, addressing the growing demand for hydrogen.

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In this article published by Decarbonisation Technology, hte presents to you how advanced high throughput techniques can accelerate catalyst screening and process optimisation.

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