Publication: Speeding up time to market

Speeding up time to market… For biobased products using fast and efficient high throughput experimentation

Authors: Florian Huber, Ghith Al Shaal, Fabian Schneider (hte)

bioplastics Magazine 02/21 Vol.16, February 2021, 40-41

A series of recent surveys conducted by the novaInstitute (Hürth, Germany) concluded that green premium prices can be realized for novel biobased products within the coming years. A short time to market is crucial in securing a significant share of the growing market for biobased products. It is clear that biobased products cannot rely solely on a societal green bonus but that they need to convince at a technical and economic level, as well as based on a comprehensive life cycle assessment. There are two factors that distinguish frontrunners in developing new products and technologies: a clear R&D strategy; and access to advanced R&D techniques either in-house or by bringing in external expertise. A strategy develops a clear understanding of the winning value proposition for the customer in the marketplace and follows a systematic approach to efficiently drive R&D work. It combines close steering of the development process and a simultaneous techno-economic analysis

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