Publication: rWGS as a key step to transform CO2 into valuable products

rWGS as a key step to transform CO2 into valuable products - accelerated R&D applying advanced high throughput technology

Authors: Benjamin Mutz, Christoph Hauber, Peter Kolb and Marius Weber (hte GmbH)

Presentation at the 30th Conference of the Petrochemistry Division of DGMK: The Role of Catalysis for the Energy-Transition, 10/2022

CO2 neutral fuels and chemicals are topics you are currently working on? In this article you gain insights into the CO2-to-value path with the focus on CO production via reverse water-gas shift (rWGS) reaction. High throughput experimentation plays an important role within the case study as the use of an 16-fold testing system helps for accelerated catalyst screening and parameter optimization within a short period of time.

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About the rWGS-author Dr. Benjamin Mutz

Benjamin Mutz studied chemistry at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and holds a PhD in chemical technology from the same university on the subject of CO2 methanation. He joined hte GmbH in 2018 as a Project Manager for R&D Solutions in the field of petrochemistry. Later he worked as an Application & Project Manager within the segment Intermediates, Chemicals & Specialties including the topic Carbon Management.

Currently, Benjamin is the Segment Lead for Carbon Management & Renewables, leading a team of project managers and coordinating high throughput studies for C1 value chain, CO2 conversion, syngas chemistry, chemical H2 storage as well as conversion of bio-based chemicals.

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