Publication: Putting Catalysts to the Test

Putting Catalysts to the Test: How Refinery Catalyst Testing can be Improved with High Throughput Experimentation

Authors: Florian Huber, Jochen Berg, Safa George (hte)
Raul Adarme, Robert Steinberg, and Errol Johnson (Motiva Enterprises)

Hydrocarbon Engineering, September 2019

Refineries without catalyst testing facilities have to rely mainly on proposals from several catalyst vendors when selecting catalysts for their assets. This makes the selection process challenging due to the difficulty involved in getting all the proposals onto a common basis. The availability of high throughput experimentation testing for all refiners has removed this limitation and refiners are now able to perform head-to-head testing of the catalytic systems being considered. The scope of testing can be customised using commercially representative operating conditions and customer-specific feedstocks to evaluate several catalyst systems at the same time, providing greater value to the refiner in the catalyst selection process.

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