Catalyst Synthesis

Synthesis routes

  • Planning, choice, and optimization of synthesis routes
  • Development of new synthesis routes

Catalyst shaping and pretreatment

  • Pelletizing, extrusion, fractionizing of materials for catalytic testing
  • Offline catalyst pretreatment, i.e. reduction and passivation
  • Simulated ageing protocols for catalytic materials
Materials development

  • Preparation of catalytic materials for different applications with
    state-of-the-art synthesis methods, e.g. inorganic and metal-organic
  • Systematic improvement of existing catalyst formulations by dedicated Design of Experiment campaigns  
Customized materials preparation

  • Support for scale-up of lead formulations
  • Development and optimization of unconventional synthesis routes
  • Consulting and patent search

Material characterization & analysis

  • State-of-the-art methods for characterization of solids
  • Fast response time from request to measurement
  • Consulting in the interpretation of analytical data
  • Integrated data management within hte’s catalyst testing workflow
  • Correlation of structure-activity-relationships in combination with catalytic performance data