Webinar chemicals and intermediates

Automated and parallelized testing technologies for catalytic reactions represent important tools to advance speed and efficiency in R&D for producers of intermediates and functionalized molecules, for petrochemical producers, as well as for catalyst suppliers and engineering companies. 

Companies and stakeholders involved in the value chain of converting basic petrochemicals towards high-value products often rely on catalytic processes to manufacture chemical products economically. 

Everyone operating and developing catalytic processes faces the similar challenges to 

  • improve the economics of existing processes & identify best suitable catalyst on the market 
  • develop new catalytic processes from lab towards commercial scale 
  • adapt to novel starting materials, suppliers, and feedstocks  
  • enhance product properties and product portfolio. 

This is of relevance for chemical products downstream of steamcracker operations in the petrochemical industry, but also for process or catalyst providers and producers of functionalized molecules for various applications e.g., monomers, surfactants, solvents, or building blocks for specialty chemicals or flavors & fragrances.  


  • how to support refineries, engineering companies and catalyst suppliers with hte’s technologies and integrated workflows for catalysis R&D, quality control and catalyst benchmarking
  • hte's testing capabilities and solutions addressing not only refining and petrochemical catalytic processes but also novel processes
  • case studies supporting refinery operations in a variety of conversion processes from hydrotreatment of residues to maximizing aromatics in naphtha reforming and maximizing propylene production in FCC 

In this webinar, our experts Benjamin Mutz and Fabian Schneider will present hte’s capabilities for catalyst testing and process optimization focusing on key processes and challenges in catalyst development. Furthermore, you will gain more insights into our fully digitalized workflow which helps efficiently plan, run and evaluate experiments. 


The webinar has been held successfully on October 26 and 27, 2021. We communicate new dates soon. If you are interested further information on the topic, please don't hesitate to contact us meanwhile. 


Dr. Fabian Schneider

Business Development Manager

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Dr. Jean-Claude Adelbrecht

Sr. Business Development Manager 

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