How High Throughput Technology helps to select the best catalyst for hydroprocessing applications

Refineries can increase their profit by selecting the best catalysts for their catalyst turnaround. hte's most advanced high throughput testing technologies and test protocols support refineries worldwide to select the best commercial catalysts under industrially relevant process conditions.


  • how hte's technology can simulate unit operations of catalytic refinery processes
  • about the advantages using high throughput technology over classical bench scale testing
  • how hte provides work packages and solutions for refinery challenges, e.g. catalyst aging studies, troubleshooting and many more 

Florian Huber, Robert Henkel and Jean-Claude Adelbrecht explain why high throughput technology is the perfect match for a head to head commercial catalyst comparison. We will guide you through the procedures of a typical competitive catalyst test as well as additional services. Our experts are going to illustrate how hte supports you in terms of trouble shooting by simulating defined process conditions and catalyst configurations with industrial feedstocks. In light with recent refinery challenges, the webinar includes examples about how bio or alternative feedstocks are tested on a laboratory scale so refineries are able to to produce renewable fuels and chemicals. Selected customer case studies display how hte’s technology and fully digitalized workflows generate relevant data and help to meet the challenges in refinery operations.


The webinar has been held successfully on December 1 and 3, 2020. We communicate new dates soon. If you are interested further information on the topic, please don't hesitate to contact us meanwhile. 


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Dr. Jean-Claude Adelbrecht

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