Webinar Carbon Management

How High Throughput Technology helps to support the Raw Material Change towards a Greener Future

The reduction of CO2 emissions to slow down global warming is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Key elements for reaching this goal are CO2 utilization as carbon feedstock and avoiding CO2 emissions by optimizing catalysts and processes. High throughput technology can greatly support the development and optimization of processes such as Fischer-Tropsch and methanol synthesis towards a lower CO2 footprint.

In our free webinar, we will discuss

  • the challenges that need to be tackled to move towards a CO2 neutral economy
  • hte's technology and integrated workflows in various fields of catalysis R&D towards CO2 utilization: material screening, quality control, process optimization and upscaling
  • how hte can help to lower your carbon footprint in the commercial MeOH synthesis

Marius Weber, Jean-Claude Adelbrecht and Peter Kolb will explain why high throughput experimentation is the perfect tool to overcome the challenges in catalyst R&D and process development. In this webinar, we will provide a glance into the possibilities of inserting CO2 into established value chains. Furthermore, you will gain insights into our fully digitalized workflow which helps to plan, run and evaluate experiments  in an efficient way. We will address major challenges in adding CO2 to an established process like methanol synthesis and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and demonstrate the unique combination of technology and software integration as a key essential for a 4.0 R&D environment.


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June 30, 2021 at 9 am (CEST) / July 1, 2021 at 4 pm (CEST)


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