Publication: Rejuvenate profits and support sustainability

Rejuvenate profits and support sustainability with reused catalysts

Authors: Ioan-Teodor Trotus and Jean-Claude Adelbrecht (hte GmbH)
ichael Martinez and Guillaume Vincent (Evonik)

Digital Refining, PTQ Q4 2022

Across the world, uneven refining margins despite a recovery in fuel demand, renewable fuel legislation, and strict environmental regulations on CO₂ emissions strongly impact the refining industry, placing the onus on refiners’ need to optimise costs and maximise profitability. End-of-life reactor catalyst changeout is a significant and inevitable refining facility expenditure. It is also a good opportunity to make a better choice for the future by selecting the optimum catalyst to lower these costs and optimise profit. In today’s business climate, there are more cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions than simply replacing like-for-like. Evonik’s Excel rejuvenated cat feed hydrotreating (CFH) catalyst can help global refiners reduce operating costs and maximise profitability while remaining environmentally conscious with their hydrotreating applications, including FCC pretreating (via CFH).

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