Publication: Platinum group metal phosphides

Platinum group metal phosphides as heterogeneous catalysts for the gas-phase hydroformylation of small olefins

Authors: Luis Alvarado Rupflin, Jaroslaw Mormul, Michael Lejkowski, Sven Titlbach, Rainer Papp, Roger Gläser, Maria Dimitrakopoulou, Xing Huang, Annette Trunschke, Marc Georg Willinger, Robert Schloegl, Frank Rosowski, and Stephan A Schunk

ACS Catal., DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.7b00499

A method for the synthesis of highly crystalline Rh2P nanoparticles on SiO2 support materials and their use as truly heterogeneous single-site catalysts for the hydroformylation of ethylene and propylene is presented. The supported Rh2P nanoparticles were investigated by transmission electron microscopy and by infrared analysis of adsorbed CO. The influence of feed gas composition and reaction temperature on the activity and selectivity in the hydroformylation reaction was evaluated by using high throughput experimentation as an enabling element; core findings were that beneficial effects on the selectivity were observed at high CO partial pressures and after addition of water to the feed gas. The analytical and performance data of the materials gave evidence that high temperature reduction leading to highly crystalline Rh2P nanoparticles is key to achieving active, selective, and long-term stable catalysts.

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