Publication: Industrial catalyst evaluation

Movers and Shakers: Insights into accelerated aging as a useful tool for industrial catalyst evaluation

Authors: Florian Huber

The Catalyst Review, July 2019, Volume 32, Issue 7

While fresh catalyst testing (start-of-run performance, SOR) is straightforward, evaluating catalyst deactivation reflecting the industrial lifecycle (end-of-run performance, EOR) is more challenging. If the cycle length is short – of the order of days or weeks – testing over the whole lifespan is not very time-consuming. However, when the cycle length lasts several months or even years and catalysts must be improved continuously to stay competitive (e.g., in refineries, chemical, or environmental applications), evaluating the lifetime performance poses real-time constraints. Traditionally, pilot or side-stream tests are performed, or new catalysts are installed in baskets in the industrial unit to assess catalyst stability.

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