Publication: High troughput exerimentation meets chlorine chemistry

High throughput experimentation meets chlorine chemistry

A novel high throughput unit designed for the accelerated testing of HCl oxidation catalysts under industrially relevant conditions

Authors: Enrico Lorenz, Moritz Dahlinger, Tobias Zimmermann and Jean-Claude Adelbrecht (hte GmbH)
Markus Frietsch (Gasmet Technologies GmbH)

Digital Refining, PTQ Q4 2022

Chlorine is one of the most abundant commodity chemicals in the world. About 85% of all pharmaceuticals and more than 50% of chemicals are derivatives from the chlorine value chain. Two of the largest chlorine consumers are vinyl chloride synthesis (PVC monomer) and the production of isocyanates (methylenediphenyl/toluene diisocyanate [TDI/MDI]). However, the chlorination of organic compounds is always adversely affected by hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is formed as a byproduct.

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