Publication: Catalytic Synthesis

The First Catalytic Synthesis of an Acrylate from CO2 and an Alkene—A Rational Approach

Authors: M. L. Lejkowski, R. Lindner, T. Kageyama, G. E. Bodizs, P. Plessow, I. B. Müller, A. Schäfer, F. Rominger, P. Hofmann, C. Futter, S. A. Schunk, M. Limbach

Chemistry a European Journal, Article first published online, September, 2012

For more than three decades the catalytic synthesis of acrylates from the cheap and abundantly available C1 building block carbon dioxide and alkenes has been an unsolved problem in catalysis research, both in academia and industry. Herein, we describe a homogeneous catalyst based on nickel that permits the catalytic synthesis of the industrially highly relevant acrylate sodium acrylate from CO2, ethylene, and a base, as demonstrated, at this stage, by a turnover number of greater than 10 with respect to the metal.

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