Publication: Carbonylation of Glycerol and Other Polyols

Carbonylation of Glycerol and Other Polyols: A High Throughput Study of Feasibility

Authors: Nadine Brem, Florian Lutz, Andreas Sundermann, Stephan Andreas Schunk

Topics in Catalysis, Volume 53, Issue 1-2, pages 28-34, 2010

The use of rhodium iodide catalysts in the carbonylation reaction of glycerine leads to saturated and unsaturated acids with C4-carbon backbone which can be integrated or are products of the petrochemical value chain. The ratio of the different saturated and unsaturated products can be controlled via the reaction conditions and the catalyst to promoter ratio. A study on potential reaction pathways was included in the study; all experiments were carried out in high throughput mode.

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