Publication: Advances in catalyst testing

Advances in catalyst testing

Authors: Ioan-Teodor Trotus, Jean-Claude Adelbrecht, Florian Huber (hte)
Nattapong Pongboot, Thanawat Upienpong (PTTGC)

ptq catalysis, Vol 24 No 5, Q4 (Oct, Nov, Dec) 2019, pp. 79-83

Independent catalyst testing has become a useful tool for refiners to support their catalyst selection process. Actual testing enables a customised catalyst evaluation under industrially relevant conditions including different industrial operational cases and different representative industrial feedstocks. The comparability of different catalyst systems is based on one and the same foundation, thus significantly lowering the degree of uncertainty as compared to paper studies describing each individual vendor’s catalyst systems. High throughput experimentation has become the state-of-the-art industrial standard in independent catalyst testing and offers the technical means to compare different catalyst systems head to head at the same time under uniform and identical conditions in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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