Publication: Acrylate formation from CO2 and ethylene

Acrylate formation from CO2 and ethylene: catalysis with palladium and mechanistic insight

Authors:  Ariyananda, P., E. Stieber, S.C., Gordillo, A., Hofmann, P., Huguet, N., Jevtovikj, I., Kageyama, T., Limbach, M., Rominger, F., Schunk, S. A.

Chemical Communications, 2015, DOI: 10.1039/C5CC01932J

We report the first catalyst based on palladium for the reaction of CO2, alkene and a base to form sodium acrylate and derivatives. A mechanism similar to a previously reported Ni(0)-catalyst is proposed based on stoichiometric in situ NMR experiments, isolated intermediates and a parent palladalactone. Our palladium catalyst was applied to the coupling of CO2 with conjugated alkenes.

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