Publication: Accelerated assessment of new ammonia cracking catalysts

Accelerated assessment of new ammonia cracking catalysts

Authors: Nitrogen+Syngas

Nitrogen+Syngas, May-June 2024

hte – the high throughput experimentation company - actively accelerates and enhances R&D in the field of catalysis as a service provider to its customers, enabling cost-effective innovations and reduced time to market for new products. Typical R&D projects address screening of newly developed or optimised materials, process optimisation, accelerated aging tests, generation of data sets for kinetic modelling, commercial catalyst benchmarking, quality control of different catalyst batches, or (co-)feed studies. The high throughput approach accelerates catalyst assessment, while offering parallelised testing at a broad range of process parameters. hte’s unique reactor technology enables catalyst testing for NH3 cracking under industrially relevant conditions, including high temperatures (up to 750°C) combined with elevated pressures (up to 50 barg) as well as reliable dosing of trace water, addressing the research gap of current NH3 cracking R&D.

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In this article published by Nitrogen+Syngas, the authors explain how hte uses advanced high throughput techniques to advance the commercialisation of NH3 cracking focusing on catalyst stability under different process conditions, which can be supported by hte's accelerated aging test protocols as well as parallel difference testing.

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