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Synfuels China Technology acquires High Throughput Technology from hte

HEIDELBERG, Germany [July 2, 2014]

hte – the high throughput experimentation company announces conclusion of a contract with Synfuels China Technology (Synfuels) specifying the construction and delivery of a high throughput reactor system to be installed at Synfuels’ facilities in Beijing, China.

hte is supplying an X3000 high throughput catalyst testing system that will support Synfuels’ research activities in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. “hte’s high throughput reactor technology has a unique design philosophy that helps us to acquire more accurate data more efficiently. We are very excited to be collaborating with hte,” says Yong Yang, Deputy General Manager at Synfuels.

Synfuels will enjoy the benefits of a mature technology that is the result of several years’ project work in a variety of syngas conversion applications. Wolfram Stichert, CEO at hte, comments: “We are very pleased with the cooperation with Synfuels, which motivates us to further expand our exposure in the Chinese R&D market. We are convinced that this successful project will lead to a reliable, long-lasting relationship.”

hte’s X3000 parallel reactor system is an essential tool for high throughput testing of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalysts under industrially relevant conditions. Important features include precise and reliable process control in this strongly exothermic reaction, and a sophisticated analytical suite that is able to distinguish and quantify up to 200 different product components in a short time. With this technology hte has demonstrated excellent processing stability with time-on-stream greater than 1,000 hours.

About Synfuels China Technology

Synfuels China Ltd. is a technology company that is professionally engaged in the coal chemical industry, specifically in the research and development of the indirect coal liquefaction process and engineering support. Since its foundation, Synfuels China has dedicated itself to setting up a technology development and management system that is based on scientific research and technological innovation, with engineering design and catalyst product as well as industrialization support and promotion of market-oriented technology. The company has evolved into an influential provider of technology and products in the field of international coal liquefaction.Building on this success, Synfuels China is committed to researching the next generation of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) core technology and innovating and optimizing integration technology to establish a solid scientific research foundation for satisfying China’s demands for CTL technologies in the next 10-20 years. The company is also establishing a high-quality technical engineering team to carry out the engineering technology research to promote and support the construction of the China CTL industry.

About hte

hte – the high throughput experimentation company is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for customers in the energy, refinery, chemicals and environmental sectors. Thanks to hte’s products and services, R&D in the area of heterogeneous catalysis has become considerably faster and more productive. Its product portfolio comprises both R&D solutions – implementation of research cooperation at hte’s state-of-the-art laboratories in Heidelberg and technology solutions – tailor-made integrated workflows including hardware and software solutions, installed and ready for use on site at the customer’s premises. With its high-quality services, hte supports its customers in the search for solutions to global challenges such as climate and environmental protection, energy efficiency and mobility. Its close ties with BASF guarantee long-term orientation and stability.


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