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hte qualified for independent testing of naphtha catalytic reforming application by Axens

HEIDELBERG, Germany [March 28, 2017]

hte tested the performance of naphtha reforming catalysts in a high throughput screening project under commercially relevant conditions for Axens, an international provider of advanced technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and services. The results were of high quality and matched well with industrial data.

In order to benchmark naphtha reforming catalysts and compare their performance, Axens selected hte for a qualification project in 2016. The overall aim of this project was to measure activity, yields and stability of the catalysts at constant octane output in order to rank performance of commercial naphtha reforming catalysts.

hte used one of its 16-fold small-scale high throughput reactor system which is ideally suited for operation of both industrial semi-regenerative and continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) reforming conditions. The testing technology developed by hte in recent years includes unique features such as a parallel adjustable temperature profile, operation at a constant research octane number (RON), and enhanced online analytics.

Axens rated the project outcome positively and hte is now qualified to offer independent testing of commercial naphtha reforming catalysts to refineries.

“We are very proud to be qualified by Axens for independent catalyst evaluation in the field for naphtha reforming. By generating industrially relevant high-quality data, we support refineries and catalyst suppliers in their business,” comments Wolfram Stichert, CEO at hte.

About hte

hte – the high throughput experimentation company is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for customers in the energy, refining, chemicals and environmental sectors. Thanks to hte’s products and services, R&D in the area of heterogeneous catalysis has become considerably faster and more productive. As a reliable partner in the field of high throughput experimentation, hte offers comprehensive expertise backed up by complementary products and services. Its product portfolio comprises both R&D solutions – implementation of research cooperation at hte’s state-of-the-art laboratories in Heidelberg and technology solutions – tailor-made integrated workflows including hardware and software solutions, installed and ready for use on site at the customer’s premises. With its high-quality services, hte supports its customers in the search for solutions to global challenges such as climate and environmental protection, energy efficiency and mobility. Its close ties with BASF guarantee long-term orientation and stability. For more information on performance testing of naphtha reforming download our case study.

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