ICC - International Congress on Catalysis

18th ICC - International Congress on Catalysis

Visit our booth at the 18th ICC and meet our experts Jean-Claude Adelbrecht, Benjamin Mutz, Enrico Lorenz, Simon Wodarz and Christoph Hauber from July 14-19, 2024. The ICC is taking place in Lyon, France. This event is one of the worldwide main gatherings for academic laboratories and industrial companies in the area of catalysis.

ICC 2024 Agenda

The conference slogan of this year's ICC is "Roots and wings for a better world" to promote disruptive catalysis to built a better world by shedding light on the worldwide societal challenges such as the environment, energy, mobility, and circular economy.

More details you'll find here at the event page.

HTE @ ICC 2024

We are exhibiting at the conference in Lyon. Connect with us at booth #7 in Lyon and find out more about following topics: 

  • Get in touch with Riccardo Conti on July 15 at the poster, titled: "A Micro Downflow Unit (MDU) can be used to predict FCC refinery results from oil crudes and biooil, and the kinetic modelling of thermal and fluid catalytic cracking (FCC)"
  • Meet Christoph Hauber on July 16 to dive deeper into the topic of "Aviation fuels by co-Oligomerization of Ethylene and 1-Butylene using an Oil tempered Bench Scale Reactor"
  • Visit the poster of our expert Benjamin Mutz at July 18 to gain information on the topic of "High-pressure NH3 cracking, enabled by advanced high throughput technology for accelerated catalyst ranking and process optimization"
  • Learn more about "High Throughput Experimentation meets Chlorine Chemistry" at Enrico Lorenz' poster on July 18.

Contact us for details or for setting up a meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you!