July 6-9, 2020, virtual

e-EUBCE 2020

28th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

Bioeconomy's role in the post-pandemic economic recovery

September 9-10, 2020, Dubrovnik, Croatia

International BBTC

International Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference

Join our talk on 10th of September, 9am titled "Adding Value to Catalytic Bottom-of-the-Barrel Upgrading by Advances in Catalyst Testing" presented by Dr. Florian Huber, Senior Scientist at hte.

September 22-24, 2020, Antwerp, Belgium

ERTC: Ask the Experts

Creating technological solutions for refining engineers through interactive collaboration

Join the Hydroprocessing panel discussion with our expert Dr. Florian Huber on 24th of September at 09:30 am. 

October 07-09, 2020, Berlin, Germany


 The Future of Chemicals and Fuels - Feedstocks and Process Technologies

November 02-04, 2020, Amsterdam, NL

World Bio Markets

The go-to event and year round private community for all your bio economy business development needs