White paper - Battery materials

A practical guide to building and evaluating lab-scale solid-state batteries

Solid-state batteries are gaining attention and focus from the entire battery industry due to their potential for significant improvements in battery technology. However, evaluating the electrochemical performance of materials and solid-state cells can be a complex challenge. To simplify the research process for scientists, we rely on state-of-the-art protocols and our extensive experience in the field to provide a valuable boost for those looking to explore this area or improve their experimental results.

This white paper includes:

  • Requirements for solid state test equipment
  • Best practices for SSB assembly and testing
  • Guidelines for rapid identification of error sources

Together with Sphere Energy, a company specializing in testing equipment for solid-state batteries, we created a practical guide for preparing and testing solid-state battery cells and materials, offering you a solid base and rich insights for your experimental achievements in this field.

Enjoy the read!

The authors

Sara Claramunt

Business Development Manager at hte

Philip Minnmann

Project Manager at hte

Lukas Lutz

Partner & Co-founder of Sphere Energy

Daniel Alves Dalla Corte

Partner & Co-founder of Sphere Energy

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