White paper - carbon management

7 opportunities for improving your carbon footprint through CO2 utilization!

Learn how to reduce CO2 emissions in the chemical industry

With rapidly rising CO2 emissions over the past years, increasing public awareness of climate change, and due to regulation and taxing of CO2 emissions, the chemical industry is facing challenges to achieve the aim of net-zero in 2050.

A shift in the raw material base away from coal and oil towards gas and renewable feedstocks as sources of energy and material plays a major role, as does increased process efficiency. The ultimate goal is to achieve full carbon neutrality in a way that is acceptable to society.

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  • Why carbon management helps to transform the chemical industry and transportation sector towards greater sustainability
  • Utilization of CO2 as a building block and feedstock in chemical processes
  • The role of the production of sustainable syngas from CO2 or synthetic natural gas from direct CO2 hydrogenation

In 42 pages you will find everything you need to know about catalytic CO2 utilization and conversion in terms of their potential and challenges in future industrial applications for achieving a lower carbon footprint.

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