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Principal Scientist, R&D Solutions

"The application of High Throughput Experimentation in catalysis is fascinating and enables hte to speed up and improve the quality of R&D in all phases of catalyst and process development. We support our customers from idea generation to catalyst synthesis and catalyst testing with dedicated project teams, state-of-the-art technology solutions, and integrated analytical and software solutions. Since 1999, we have built up facilities and learned to test catalysts within a scale-up factor of 100,000, which means that we know how to get experiments done with as little as 0.2 grams and up to 20 kilograms of catalyst. Working successfully at hte with our customers is intriguing and rewarding – we are able to do experiments in multi-variant parameter spaces with unprecedented data quality, which has led to new developments and catalyst solutions in the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries."    



Technical Expert Analytics,
R&D Solutions

"As a trained chemist I enjoy working in an inspiring environment, putting expertise into practice and contributing to develop new methods and techniques for the offline analytics. Working at hte means being creative every day and above all discovering catalysis every day!"



Team Leader After Sales Service, Service Team

"Our team of service professionals operates all over the world. Our technical support services protect your investment. We follow high quality standards, offer precision, and aim to deliver the best performance. That’s why you can trust hte to provide personalized support that boosts efficiency and productivity in your laboratory. That’s what hte stands for."



TEAM LEADER Experiment Automation, Software Solutions

"It has been my experience through my daily work that high throughput is not simply a way of maximizing throughput. It is a very creative way to extend knowledge outside of the box. Chemistry, physics, and engineering are all based upon the same fundamental laws of nature. Understanding and revolutionizing these fields in a way that meets our customers’ needs is a real challenge. For example, delivering the precision and accuracy of thousands of data units – or thousands of chromatograms in a fraction of time – requires testing systems and workflows to be designed and constructed perfectly. This encourages me every day to work together with my team to develop new software solutions and to steadily improve our existing tools."



Head of Project Management, Technology Solutions

"In my work, I’m able to develop state-of-the-art technology and experiment with smart solutions. We enjoy seeing our test systems running perfectly at our customers' sites. They are reliable and operate around the clock. Ease of use and robustness are key factors in effectively supporting high throughput R&D. hte regularly provides training workshops for staff with the aim of continuous further development. I'm proud to be part of this moving and dynamic company."



Senior Business Development Manager, Business Development & Marketing

"It’s all about people. I’m thinking of the highly motivated minds, independent thinkers who create innovative ideas and solutions. I’m thinking of the great scientists hungry to take on new challenges in technology and science, who drive the company with their commitment to deliver. It is a privilege to belong to the hte team, who knows what teamwork means, how to listen to each other and, most importantly, how to listen to their customers. At the end of the day, it’s all about people." 

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