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Software Solutions for High Throughput R&D

hte software solutions are designed to complement your hardware technology and to complete your high throughput reactor systems.
They meet your requirements regarding the automation of your high throughput workflow while at the same time offering compatibility with 3rd party systems and complying with international standards.


hteControl4 is the system and process control suite that enables every operator to drive test rigs in a convenient and safe way and provides every scientist with reliable data acquisition for each experiment.
Our industry standard process visualization allows every operator to control each test rig aspect very intuitively and gain access to fast and easy system diagnostics.
Furthermore hteControl4 provides the stability for 24/7 operation and the flexibility to define and execute sophisticated experiments combined with reliable data acquisition over extended periods.hteControl



myhte integrates, stores, retrieves, analyzes and visualizes data from high throughput environments. It connects huge amounts of online analytical data with experimental context and chemical structure information.
Our integrated quality control tools allow you to perform a variety of tasks including checking mass and molar balances, equal feed distribution and the correct operation of all analytical instruments in a matter of minutes. Freely configurable evaluation protocols automatically determine all relevant performance indicators.myhte


Data Integration Package

Our Data Integration Package supports you in integrating your data into existing 3rd party software architectures with minimal effort.data integration package


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hte Software Solutions

Learn more about hte’s software environment tailored to complement high throughput reactor systems.

hte Software Solutions

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