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Synthesis Services

In addition to our high throughput technology and methodology, hte also provides access to its state-of-the-art synthesis laboratory and expert staff. This service can be accessed either in combination with an R&D project at hte or as an additional and completely independent service.
Using hte’s synthesis services allows our clients to deal with the increased volume of materials synthesis which is typically required with high throughput testing. Our trained and experienced team fully understands the importance of materials synthesis and how the composition, synthesis pathways and method affect the properties of the catalyst. This proven expertise allows you to relax in the knowledge that your synthesis needs are in safe hands.

Synthesis Services

Synthesis services offered at hte include:

  • Synthesis planning
  • Choice and optimization of synthesis routes
  • Development of new synthesis routes
  • Catalyst preparation
  • Reactor filling

Methodology and Technology

Expertise and technology for various conventional synthesis methods available at synthesis laboratory, including:

  • Automated multifold synthesis stations (precipitation, impregnation, liquid and solid phase synthesis)
  • Various calcination methods
  • Spray drying & granulating
  • Compacting, crushing, sieving, pelleting
  • Extrudate formation
  • Inert atmosphere techniques (Schlenk line, glove box)


Analytical Services

Paltrocess analysis plays an essential role during catalyst testing and process development. Using high throughput methodologies generates large numbers of samples which need to be analyzed, producing vast amounts of data that needs to be evaluated efficiently. This requires long-term expertise and efficient technology.
hte’s analysis team focuses on high throughput analysis, delivering robust and reliable real-time results from online and offline analysis. Our state-of-the art characterization lab offers the characterization of materials by means of XRD, surface area analysis and many others. Regular training and long-term experience allows us to implement the latest technologies and to develop the most up-to-date analytical methods.

We offer:

  • altOnline and Offline Analytical Methods including GC, GC/MS, HPLC, GPC, DSC, IR, MS, SimDis, S/N analytics.
  • Transfer or development of analytical methods
  • State-of-the-art materials characterization lab
  • Robust and reliable real-time results
  • Experience in handling large data sets
  • Highly skilled and trained staff

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