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Quality Control

hte’s quality control services allow for the pre-selection of pilot plant and demo-plant operating conditions. Carrying out a detailed pre-selection of conditions and catalysts means that significant time and cost savings can be made during the operation of the pilot plants.

hte offers quality control services to:

  • Catalyst Manufacturers
  • Catalyst Users
  • Catalyst Regeneration Providers

althte’s quality control services comprise both performance testing as well as testing the chemical properties of the catalysts themselves. This allows, for example, individual catalysts in a single batch to be benchmarked against each other or for small batches of catalysts to be tested under various processes conditions in order to determine activity and selectivity changes under different reaction conditions.

Smaller quantities of catalyst are tested simultaneously in our proprietary high throughput testing systems. Parallel processing allows for the desired test results to be obtained faster than via conventional testing methods, whilst the smaller quantities means that costs are reduced and the test units can be operated more flexibly in comparison to pilot plants. The time and cost savings achieved means that a much larger number of parameter spaces can be tested in advance, i.e. more feeds, more temperatures and more pressures.


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