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Bridging the Gap between High Throughput Screening & Commercial Production Scale

Minimize financial and technical risk
Process scale-up is a natural extension to process development and optimization. Taking knowledge obtained in the lab and scaling up allows you to effectively bridge the gap between high throughput catalyst screening and production plant scale. Being able to test catalysts and processes at varying stages dramatically minimizes financial and technical risks before moving to commercial production.

Examine a wider range of parameters
hte’s unique technology platform generates highly meaningful data faster and more cost-efficiently when compared to conventional testing methods. High throughput testing allows for a wider range of parameters to be examined in shorter time periods and at a fraction of the cost.

altTest under industrial conditions
hte’s parallel test systems demonstrate top-quality engineering and produce excellent data quality allowing for kinetic studies and modelling. These systems have been tried-and-tested under industrially relevant conditions and are stable in runs of several months or more. The scale-up of the reactor volume allows for between 15ml and 100ml of catalyst to be evaluated in our 4, 6, or 16 fold reactor systems, bringing you one step closer to industrial conditions. Access to hte’s state-of-the-art synthesis labs offers synthesis as well as testing of catalysts and extrudates.

Benefit from hte expertise
With over a decade of experience working within the field of catalyst and process R&D, hte is able to offer clients complete technical and scientific consulting during the scale-up process. Choosing to work with hte provides access to highly skilled teams of chemists, engineers and software specialists and their extensive catalyst and process know-how as well as excellent project management skills.


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