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Optimize your catalysts and processes
In order to commercialize a promising catalyst material, the process conditions for its application must also be thoroughly evaluated. A wide range of process and operation parameters need to be tested in order to find the optimal process conditions. These parameters can include temperatures, pressures, gas-flow rates, different catalyst aging stages and different feed-stocks. Furthermore, at hte we can evaluate start-up and shut-down procedures, activation and deactivation behavior and regeneration processes. In order to identify and develop the optimal conditions it is essential to conduct large numbers of experiments which can be costly and time consuming.

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Benefit from hte experience
Over the past ten years, hte has worked successfully with clients, offering high throughput methodologies for faster and more cost-effective process R&D and optimization. hte Chemists and Process Engineers bring their extensive know-how and experience into new client projects, providing competent consultancy services throughout the planning and execution of experiments. In addition to this, hte personnel offer their expertise and support to the client during the project evaluation stages.

The technology platforms, upon which the experiments are carried out, are tested under real-world conditions and deliver robust and reliable data and are proven in tests runs of over several months. Testing is carried out on our large scale parallel testing units, typically  4, 16 or 48 fold in 2 – 50 ml scale.

Reach optimal process conditions
The parallelization of experiments allows for faster and more cost-efficient acquisition of data and the data quality obtained is excellent allowing for comprehensive kinetic studies and kinetic modelling to be carried out. Together with our clients we run complete data evaluation and modelling, focusing on obtaining the most relevant results and reaching meaningful and reliable conclusions regarding the optimal process conditions.


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