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What is High Throughput Experimentation (HTE)?

The key principle of high throughput experimentation is parallelization. This means that rather than carrying out single experiments one after another, you can run several tests simultaneously. We at hte term this the “many at once” approach.

What are the advantages of using HTE?

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High throughput experimentation is a valuable solution to conducting more cost effective R&D in your laboratory. Parallelization of experiments allows for increased experimental load without subsequently increasing personnel costs or development time; thus shortening the time to market for new products. Small scale testing allows for a reduction in materials and feed; ultimately reducing the total cost per experiment. Testing on a small scale also reduces risk before complete scale up to commercial production scale.

The automation of high throughput workflows increases reproducibility and parallelization of experiments ensures that all catalysts experience the same conditions, providing highly precise and accurate data.

The reduction in cost per experiment using HTE allows you to test a broader parameter space in a shorter time. Experimental processes which traditionally took several months using conventional methods can now be completed in a matter of just weeks using HTE methodologies allowing more freedom and flexibility in your catalyst research programs.


What can hte offer?

micro reactorhte GmbH has, over the past ten years, developed and validated high throughput technology and methodologies as well as the necessary accompanying software to deal with the data produced. Clients can access this methodology, in order to conduct their R&D, either through contracted research programmes which are carried out at the state-of-the-art facilities in Heidelberg, as well as through the design, construction and implementation, of customised high throughput workflow solutions at their site. hte also offers clients access to the latest in process scale-up technology allowing them to simulate larger processes within the lab at a fraction of the cost. hte staff has all the relevant and necessary chemical, engineering and software know-how to fully understand the clients needs.


STEP Award 2011

hte wins STEP Award 2011

The team of hte receives the
STEP Award 2011 - a prize for innovative and high-growth enterprises

STEP Award


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