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Over the years hte’s client base has grown steadily – it now spans four continents and includes some of the world’s leading energy and chemicals companies. Since we work under strict confidentiality agreements with our industrial partners, it is still the case that many of these relationships are not publicly disclosed, as is also the case with details about the actual content of the research programs.

hte customer references

However, we are extremely proud of the testimonials we have received over the years and still continue to receive from people working with hte:

  • Kim Knudsen, Research Vice President at Haldor Topsøe: “hte has supplied Haldor Topsøe with a high throughput hydroprocessing unit. The accuracy with respect to temperature, pressure and flow control is as good as promised by hte, and we are confident that the added capacity obtained with this unit will aid us in our development work.”
  • David C. Robertson, Technology Vice President Conversion at BP: “The BP Conversion Technology Centre has been working with hte since 2005. The results achieved have aided the development of new technology, reducing the development time and increasing the confidence in early technology appraisal. The experience and professional nature of everyone in hte combined with their evident skill in experimentation has created a strong working relationship and makes hte a great company to work with.“
  • Jean-Luc Dubois, Scientific Director at Arkema: "The greatest advantage of using hte’s technology has been the vast amount of time saved during this project. By using this approach we have been able to produce results in a matter of months. This would normally have taken over two years using conventional testing equipment.“
  • Georgieanna Scheuerman, General Manager Catalysis at Chevron Energy Technology Company said about the extension of the strategic research collaboration of Chevron and hte: “Chevron looks forward to continuing our productive relationship with hte. We see high throughput experimental techniques as an important and developing tool in the area of catalyst discovery.”
  • David Hamilton, Manager of Heterogeneous Chemical Catalysis, CRI, commented on the research collaboration of CRI with hte: “The hte tools complement our ongoing catalyst development work at Shell’s Westhollow Technology Center in Houston. We look forward to continuing our work with hte staff to bring new ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst products and technologies to market.”
  • Guido Desie, Project Manager High Throughput Screening, Agfa-Graphics-R&D: “hte was contacted to cooperate with AGFA and Flanders Materials Centre (FLAMAC) to develop improved workflows for formulation work and coating of complex dispersions. Agfa was very positively impressed by the professional attitude of hte in tackling these challenging requests. This enabled Agfa to be successful in speeding up its ink jet development program considerably using the equipment provided by hte.”
  • Johan Paul, Manager, Flamac: “During the last 4 years Flamac and hte have established a successful collaboration for the development of unique high throughput workflows for formulation and coating research. In this way Flamac has become an important provider of high throughput services to materials companies and the materials science community. We look forward to continuing our productive relationship with hte.”
  • Jordan K. Lampert, Senior Research Manager, BASF SE:  “Automation of manual lab operations is the key for high throughput synthesis of catalysts. With the help of hte, we analyzed existing workflows and found great opportunities to speed up the development and finally market entry of our highly innovative products.”

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