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Project Execution

All projects at hte are carried out following professional project management guidelines and are completed using our scientific and technological expertise:

Together with the client we clearly define the scope and targets of the project prior to the start of the project. We see ourselves as independent consultants, being able to give realistic evaluation of attainable project targets.

Cost risks are minimized by intelligent project planning. We define clear milestones which influence the subsequent  steps of our projects.

An interdisciplinary team of experienced project leaders is assembled. For every project we combine the knowledge of chemists, chemical engineers and software specialists.

Reliability is the key. Every project is headed by a dedicated and experienced scientist, who will lead through the project plan. Regular meetings and reports are as standard.

We are scientists at heart. Our strong scientific background allows us to always find the best solution for our partners and our scientific network allows us to expand on this knowledge every day.

Our project philosophy:

  • We help our clients to reach their R&D targets by providing access to the best available technologies accompanied by the best available support
  • Our clients are our partners: we work together as a team! In addition to the scientific aspect of a project we provide a high throughput experimentation knowledge transfer.
  • Scientific projects are never predictable but we always react to unexpected situations in a very flexible manner: together with our partners we always find the right solution.

STEP Award 2011

hte wins STEP Award 2011

The team of hte receives the
STEP Award 2011 - a prize for innovative and high-growth enterprises

STEP Award

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