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Secure Data Exchange

For secure data exchange hte uses S/MIME, PGP, PK Zip v2.0 and SSL/TLS encryption standards.


S/MIME is a standard for encrypted e-mail, which is integrated in most e-mail applications.
First, certificates need to be exchanged between the sender and recipient. On the right hand side of this page you can find hte's root certificate and our certificate revocation list. 
If you have not previously used S/MIME or you need an own certificate, please contact your administrator or IT service provider.

2. PGP

A special program, such as GnuPG, is needed for PGP encryption. First the communication partners have to exchange their public keys. With PGP you can also encrypt files, like word documents, directly in your file explorer.

3. AES encrypted Zip files

Zip files are encrypted at hte using “PK Zip v2.0”. In order to decrypt Zip files you need a program such as Winzip or IZArc.

4. SSL/TLS secured server

For the use of the SSL/TLS protected IBackup upload server we will send you an e-mail with a link to the download space. Files can also be uploaded there.


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