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Thesis Placement


A thesis placement at hte offers you the possibility to combine your theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

During your time here you will gain valuable experience within the different areas of hte and be able to apply your own ideas.

Thesis Placement Vacancies

Currently we have vacancies in the following departments:


Our Engineering department offers thesis placements in the following areas:

  • New developments - for students in the fields of chemical engineering, electrical engineering or process engineering.
  • Design/Construction - for students in the fields of mechanical engineering or plant construction.

Research and Development:

For students studying in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Chemistry or other studies with basic chemical training, we are currently offering opportunities in the following areas:

  • Technology development / prototyping
  • Material synthesis
  • Internal catalysis projects


The department of Software Engineering & IT Infrastructure offers thesis placements in the following areas:

  • Improving efficiency in the lab
  • Intelligent interfaces between lab workers, laboratory instruments and software
  • New pathways in automation: Being more flexible than in classical mechanical engineering areas
  • Managing huge amounts of scientific data in web-oriented database applications and the use of Ajax
  • Central workflow management in heterogeneous IT environments.

We also welcome your ideas and suggestions for other thesis topics.

Unsolicited applications for thesis placements are also welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us.


About hte

about hte



"Colleagues are friendly and always welcome you with a smile. There is always someone who has the right expertise and competency willing to help."

M. Probst - Student at hte.

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