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Discover more

In order to discover more and meet today’s innovation challenges you need to test more. Developing new products often involves carrying out large numbers of experiments which can often be costly and time consuming.

hte’s solutions help clients to reduce development times and keep costs down, allowing you to test more and therefore discover more.

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Make the leap from Good to Great

hte’s technology and services help you to increase your R&D capacity whilst maintaining excellent levels of data quality allowing you to make major scientific advancements and enabling you to keep ahead of the competition.

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Get ahead of the Competition

Innovation is the key to gaining the competitive edge over your competitors. In order to bring new innovations quickly and timely to market your R&D needs to be fast, efficient and productive.

hte is the ideal partner for the design of time and cost effective R&D projects and specializes in the fast delivery of innovation.

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Fast track your R&D

High throughput experimentation can increase the speed of new materials discovery by a hundredfold or more. However, it is crucial, not only to increase throughput, but also to have a well thought-out experimental design and analysis to draw the right conclusions and gain the best possible results.

hte’s technology and services help clients to increase throughput whilst achieving the optimal results thus enabling them to fast track their R&D success.

R&D Solutions

R&D Solutions

hte offers short- and long-term R&D collaborations to enhance R&D productivity and promote innovation

R&D Solutions

hte Corporate Video

hte Corporate Video

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